Traditional marketing that’s still effective today

What to add to my event marketing material

The internet is an incredible beast and everyone is online, are they? Well there are many simple ways you can promote your projects that can beat through the fog to reach your audience. Online marketing is very competitive as you are competing against the world, but by stripping your marketing back and focusing on smaller groups you can get more of a response.

Here is a selection of ideas you could promote your project that can help you break through and reach your target audience.

Shops Where People Wait

Hairdressers and barbershops, waiting rooms, transport stations are great for promoting as people often sit down and wait for their slot while looking around for things to do. Some sit on their phones but not everyone does. So place a poster on the wall or a leaflet/advert on the table next to the seats and people will look at it for a form of distraction.


We are all people that like to travel, whether it’s just in a car to work, on local transport etc.. and we often listen to the radio. Here is an area for you to target your promotion to people who are actively listening.


This is similar to radio where by placing adverts on TV it gets your into peoples homes and make them aware of your brand. Constant reminding will put you at the top of your customers sub-conscious.


This is a good place if done correctly. You can test the water by purchasing an advert space. These sometimes can be looked over and when people are scanning the pages can often block out. The placement in the paper would be best if you could create a story around your project. Either about yourself and then your brand gets included, or about how your project answers problems of something and then people will be drawn to the article and also find out about your project too.

Roadside Posters/Billboards

Door to door leaflets could be an option for your projects promotion although these days marketing like this is classed as spam and people try not to take notice. Roadside adertising can be useful as while people are walking or travelling people read signs for entertainment or escapism while bored waiting on their jouney to finish. You will have to check with your local council as they all have different policies but it can be an effective way to get your project some awareness in your local community.