What's Andy Cymru about

I am a website designer & graphic designer. After all these years of being a digitial nomad, I thought it was about time I finally have a website to showcase my stuff and support and help others along the way.

me sat on sofa, orange t-shirt, playing ukulele
Me playing ukulele
sat on a sledge, on ice at ice rink looking at the camera.
Coaching a session of para ice hockey For Cardiff Huskies

Areas I can help you

  • paint brush on a brush Building websites for individuals, businesses and small ecommerce shops is where i have developed my 15+ years of experience.
  • Paint pot Designing the look/layout of your website, write and program the code or chat through with some advice for your website ideas and visions.
  • Pencil Design the graphics for your project from social media posts, posters, flyers, banners
  • Pencil Create the branding for your project from logos, email signatures plus more...
  • Speak to me Be a soundboard and listen to your ideas and thourghts on your designs and branding...