What to add to my event marketing material

What to add to my event marketing material

When preparing artwork for events and projects, people have always come to me asking what information they need on their artwork before the graphics are made. I always say that there is a base set of content and additional content needed. So I would provide clients with a list of the information they need to start with for the actual event and then the additional information needed.

Here is the checklist with the base information that all event artwork might need.

This information is not compulsory but the information used in this checklist must be bold, easily readable as its the main content that tells customers what the event is, what its about and how to get to the event.

After you have your base information, you also need your artwork information and content. Here is a checklist of the additional content you can add or ask your promoter/client for.

Hope this helps, if you think I need to add more to the list’s let me know.