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I'm Andy Brown. I am a designer & front-end developer at ImSoFunky
where I am currently undertaking creative projects full-time.

I am generally found drawing or creating websites, designing artwork and graphics for businesses in print or online, or I am designing/making animated movies for youtube. Either way its using skills I have honed for over 10 years and I love every minute of my job.

Before working at ImSoFunky I studied information tech, maths and english at St Davids College, Cardiff. Then I went on to University of Glamorgan (Now University of South Wales) where I studied a degree in 'Information Tech' and gained further skills and tools to create what I use in my projects.

Outside of designing I enjoy writing. I used to write for Blues & Soul Magazine when it was a printed magazine. It has since closed and reformed to an online blog only. I also love to get distracted by sports and I am ofen found playing and coaching sledge hockey for Cardiff Huskies sledge hockey team. Which is a version of ice hockey for athletes with a disability. I am also a keen rugby fan, I can often be found supporting my home teams Cardiff Blues and Wales.

A personal goal for this year is to speak fluently in my native language of Welsh. Something I regret not continuing since school. So I have joined up with Welsh For Adults at Cardiff University and I am looking forward to speaking the language properly and maybe publishing some blog posts yn Gymraeg (in welsh) in the future.