Building Blocks

24.02.2019 | By: Andy Brown building AndyCymru

Over the past year I have been developing my metalsmith skills in order to create my own jewellery. I love to create pieces of art that showcase my welsh culture and heritage for people around the world to wear. I’ve been designing pieces in sterling silver and copper, also I’ve been working with Welsh slate and various gemstones. It’s been a steep learning curve but one I have really loved.

While building up my skills, I’ve also been developing the brand vision and concept on how the world is going to receive my creations and AndyCymru in the future. I’ve been putting a lot of research into how I can provide the best experience for people who wish to purchase the items we create. I’ve also been working on content for social media, keep your eyes peeled for our posts that will keep you updated on launches, deals and discounts and more.

Jewellery smithing is an incredible addition to the design work I am already doing. It joins together the artwork style that I have developed for AndyCymru.

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