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| Re-evaluating improves your vision |

Posted on: 20 November 2015 | By: Andy Brown

I am a terrible goal setter! There we go I admit it! Just throwing it out there. My problem is I go through fazes of setting big/small goals sometimes I reach them, sometimes I don’t. On the whole, goal setting never really sits well with me. I prefer to have ideas of what I would potentially like to do, but it is never fully set in stone as life can always change and flip your world up side down. So I set vision ideas rather than specific goals so I can adapt if needed to.

What I find that works for me is randomly small evaluations of my work/life, and a big evaluation in the lull between christmas and new year. Then I setup a to-do list based on that evaluation and I stick to it. This process has subconsciously been one I have consistently done all my business career and has always worked well for me. It helps your vision because it helps you to spot when things go wrong quicker and helps you to not be so solid fixed in goals and adapt as things evolve.

My evaluation is often made up of a few thoughts on how things are going and if they are helping or hindering what I was the outcome to be. I split them in to 5 areas so I can work out whats working and not, what changes I need to make in order to move on.

The subjects under each heading can vary depending on what i’m doing at the time, so yours might be different. But here are a few ideas.


Is it going well and making you smile? Great! If not? How can I change that. Do I need to switch departments, skills, less/more hours, even switch jobs. Do I need to go on a course? Is a side business an option to make more cash? / friends? / opportunity to help?


Do I have any hobbies? are my hobbies working well for me? or killing too much of my downtime? Do your hobbies make you happy? If not why? Do I need more/less hobbies? Can I turn any hobbies in to a side business if needed?

Family & Social

Do I see/speak to the people close too me? and if not how can I change that. Are my friends/family happy or time/mind killers? Do I need to increase/decrease my friend circle? Do I get the right support I need?


Is my current job sustainable? what do I want to do in the future for hobbies? Living? Relationships? Family? How am I improving this or what steps do I need to improve? What do you want to do next year?


Any random ideas you wish to do? Anything on your bucket list you fancy ticking off? Anything new you would like to try, learn, visit, experience.

It’s all about working out what works and what doesn’t, plus getting that balance right. Before you need to make a change in a certain area. Sometimes certain areas have a knock on effect e.g a friend is always depressing around you and this makes you depressed so you start hating work for no reason, or a hobby goes really well, you love it and it could become a side/main business. so its important to evaluate regularly so you can work out whats going to plan.

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