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| My Wordpress Hiatus |

Posted on: 18 January 2016 | By: Andy Brown

I have been using wordpress for many years and majority of the time it has been my ‘go-to’ solution when designing websites. It offers such a scope ranging from various themes, plugins, cms, e-commerce, plus I even built my own themes and plugins to suit my clients exact needs. It is a complete package for most businesses all under one roof.

But then there is a point where relationships go stale and wordpress became like no other. I began to get tired of wasting time constantly updating either the main core system or individual plugins. I understand why there are updates but it becomes teadious, especially if you are maintaining 50+ websites, updating starts to take over your life. Once updates are done, you then need to double check security, backup databases, make sure the comments havent had a spam bot added etc.. thus can result in more work on the maintencance side than it was to build the initial website in the beginning. Now i’m not doing wordpress any injustice here, I think its a brilliant product but for me it is more time consuming than what it’s worth.

So I found a new wave of up and coming solutions in the form of ‘static generators’ Jekyll being the leading product at the moment. It means that you can create a fully functional html/css/java site within minutes without the need of having to install databases, security, updates, new/old plugins etc.. The websites are very fast to run, they are simple and quick to develop, security is tight as their is nothing to hack, and their is a whole magnitude of plugins to create extra features. So this began my wordpress hiatus…

I found that often clients suited a static site far better than a wordpress solution simply because if they do not feel comfortable updating their website themselves then wordpress is pointless and too bulky. Ie. if a client needs a 3 page design, home, bio/services, contact, why build a wordpress site when 90% is running a hackable database that needs updating weekly and doesnt need to be run. Setup a static site and that will be quicker and have better SEO results, plus it can have simular features on the front end. Its becoming so useful to my clients that when I receive a job I think site generator first, if that will not work then look at a wordpress/drupal/magento solution. No point traveling in a fighter jet plane to go two streets down the road for a pint of milk.

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