This is my second blog post

10.12.2017 | By: Andy Brown

This is my SECOND blog post on my new static website. This site has been designed from the bottom up and built on just pure html and css. I have a good feeling about this website and the process I took to building it. I dont know why i feel it, but i started writing code many years ago, when Geocities was the ‘in’ thing and ‘comic sans’ was new and used on websites…yes I said websites. But never the less back then it was all about learning basic html and pushing the boundries as far as it can go to get a website looking amazing with web design in its infancy.

As programming and coding developed we had css coming in amongst other lanuguages, php, C++ etc.. and it got to a point where sitting down and builing a website you need to have skills in 6 languages, wireframeing, server side scripting skills, java, jquery knowledge and much more and it gets to a point where it gets way too complicated and fuzzy.

So it was very refreshing to strip all the filler stuff away, and take it back to basics. Develop a website with raw skills and make it look far better than comic sans! haha

Heres to a new start!!! Link Me