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Posted on: 16 November 2015 | By: Andy Brown
Oprah Master Class

There is a tv program on the TLC channel in the UK called ‘Oprah: Master Class’ and its brilliant. It’s a program that interviews people who have reached the top of their game and they talk about it. It seems boring, but being Oprah she always gets to the root of people and she always seems to get the information from that person to help inspire others. I found the program quite inspiring for various reasons.

The two episodes I have seen are from series one and the successors were Jayz who spoke about his rise to a leading figure head in black music and his musical craft. The other episode was with Simon Cowell who I found very inspiring. Forget the Simon you see on tv, thats a showbiz character, behind the smoking mirror he is a humble, hard working, business man that works his nuts off to get his projects to work. Jay-z also showcased a hardcore work ethic along with a maturity to make sure he stayed at the top of his game, in an industry of short life spans.

There are many episodes (I think they are on series 5 now) and many celebs for people to watch and take pockets of information from. It’s worth a watch to hear some cool stories from the people that have done it.

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