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| Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus I Chi Gyd |

Posted on: 01 March 2017 | By: Andy Brown

Today is one of my favourite days on the calendar as it’s a day that celebrates the the patron saint of Wales alongside the country, our own language and its heritage that I was born and bread in. It’s the one day where everyone who is welsh or linked to our small country Wales comes together and celebrates with having a great time. It’s such a positive happy day for everyone.

School children dress up and put on shows in their eisteddfod all over the country, there is a parade in the towns and villages, people dress in traditional welsh attire or celebrate by wearing a red top, people bake homemade welsh cakes and some areas do leek eating competitions. The celebrations on March 1st have gone on for centuries and it’s fantastic that the tradition is still going strong.

Over the years I have took part in many events starting with the eisteddfod in school, poetry competitions, making welsh cakes. I have many great memories of things we got up to and long may it continue.

The nature of welsh people are often humourously self depricating and we do unfourtunatly take a bit of flack for our traditions of speaking our own language, but we have a warm open-hearted culture and St Davids day brings everyone together to showcase how fantastic our country is. Nothing warms our heart more than to see the dragon flying high on our flags. Happy St David’s Day everyone.

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