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| Calling It Quits |

Posted on: 26 November 2015 | By: Andy Brown

Sometimes leaving a project or client (with notice) can do your work and personal life wonders. It means you can move on and try something new using a different mindset or outlook. Dead end projects that do not inspire you can lead you in to a rut, which can be really hard to break out of. It’s important to build an exit strategy for all clients and projects should you wish to leave them at any time. Now this article is not about having a bad day or not liking a brief task, its more about if you start to sense cracks in your work life its time to start planning your next pathway.

Projects or jobs can get stale when you are constantly working on them for long periods. You can start to get bored of the same routines and faces which can lead you to start contemplating your own worth. This is the perfect time to change and clear your desk and mind. It’s a perfect opportunity to bring something new in that might require a skill you don’t often get to use or a skill you maybe would love to do regularly and makes you happy. Maybe you can follow a passion of yours.

Clients along with projects can also get stale, especially when they have a constant narrow vision and things must always be on their terms in their way. This can break you down after a while as you are constantly fighting to make sure the clients project is done properly, especially if your name is attached to the front of the project. You must educate a client but some still have a weird, un-educated view on how something should be done, yet you must abide by their final say and roll with it.

As soon as you notice your project or client getting stale or you’re getting bored, finding it hard to motivate yourself to work, its time to get out and move on. The longer you remain trying to work things out you are wasting time, ok you’re earning money, but it’s at the expense of your sanity and happiness.

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